Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are your fees?

    We charge flat fees for all of our cases. During your case evaluation with Ms. Kruger, she will advise you as to the best strategy for your case and our fees to represent you. Our fees do not include any government filing fees for your matter, which Ms. Kruger will also explain during your case evaluation.

  • Do you offer a payment plan?

    Yes. Ms. Kruger will discuss our payment plan with you during your case evaluation. For most matters other than removal defense, the plan we offer is a payment of half of the legal fees to begin work, and the remaining balance due prior to submission of your Petition or Application.

  • Can you guarantee success?/What is your success rate?

    No. We will prepare the strongest case we can for you, however it will be an official of the United States government that makes the final decision in your case. Past performance cannot guarantee future results. We treat each case as unique, and we will work with you to prepare a individualized strategy for you focused on the specifics of your case. We limit the number of cases we accept, so that we have the time to devote the attention necessary to each of our cases. Ms. Kruger will advise you during the initial case evaluation if she does not think your case has any chance of success. We do not accept cases unless we believe we have a successful strategy to pursue, and the time and expertise to execute that strategy successfully.